DELTA is a core thread (polyester, cotton) and its remission complies with the Defensive Standard  NO-84-A203, in the full wave length (from 400 nm to 1100 nm). It is invisible in infrared and is mainly applied in the production of military goods such as official uniforms, field uniforms, boots, backpacks, tents, belts etc. We offer the thread in black and dark green.

A name of a thread Thread structure Tex Breaking force no less than Recommended nedles Applications Beams Number of pcs in a pack

Delta 120
130dtex x 2 26 1050cN 80-90 Black and dark green 5000 10
Delta 80 200dtex x 2 40 1750cN 80-100 Black and dark green 5000 5
Delta 60 200dtex x 3 60 2600cN 90-110 Black and dark green 5000 6