Industrial threads - ARES

Ares thread is produced from technical polyamide silk.

Due to the application of continuous polyamide silk, Ares possesses exceptional tensile strength and abrasion resistance; guaranteeing the durability of seams exposed to heavy loads.

Recommended for sewing shoes, fancy leather goods, ornamental seams in leather and imitation leather products. It can also be used for car-seat upholstery and padding.

Perfect for sewing heavy technical and ornamental seams.

The wide range of threads and thicknesses will fulfill the needs of every industry.

Check below for more information on the thread of your choice.

A name of a thread Thread structure Breaking force no less than Recommended nedles Applications Beams Number of pcs in a pack
Ares 20 470 dtex x 3
141 tex
8600 cN 140-160 For sewing shoes, structural seams 1000m 10
Ares 10 940 dtex x 3
282 tex
19000 cN 180-200 For ornamental seams 1000m 4
Ares 8 940 dtex x 4
376 tex
25000 cN 180-200 For ornamental seams 600m 4
Ares 6 940 dtex x 6
564 tex
34000 cN 180-200 For sewing heavy technical fabrics, leather and ornamental seams. 400m 4

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