Industrial threads - ESTER

Ester is produced by covering continuous, polyester core fibres with spun polyester.

Ester thread stands out from other polyester threads because of its evenness, very high breaking resistance and superior resistance to heat and chemicals.

Ester is suitable for modern, high-speed sewing machines. Perfect for sewing heavy fabrics, ornamental and construction seams.

The wide range of threads and thicknesses will fulfill the needs of every industry.

A name of a thread Thread structure Tex Breaking force no less than Recommended nedles Applications Beams Number of pcs in a pack
Ester 120 130dtex x 2 26 1200cN 80-90 Excellent for all operation where thin and very strong thread is needed, eg. for  sewing light  mens and womans clothes, underwear  and  bed linen, quilting, attaching buttons and making  buttons holes. 1.000m
Ester 80 200dtex x2 40 1700cN 80-100 For sewing men’s and ladies clothes,  workers’ clothes, leather articles, jeans 1.000m
Ester 60
200dtex x 3
For sewing light leather  articles, heavy clothes, jeans, shoes and home footwear. 1.000m
Ester 40 370dtex x 2 74 3600 cN 120-140 For sewing upholstery, jeans, canvas and coated fabrics 5.000 5
Ester 36 280 dtex x 3 84 4100 cN 140-160 For sewing upholstery, canvas and coated fabrics. 5.000 4
Ester 20 370 dtex x 3 111 5000cN 140-160 For sewing upholstery, ornamental seams, coated fabrics. canvas and coated fabrics. 3.000 4

Colour Catalogue 

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