Industrial threads - GABOR

Gabor is a superior-quality technical thread made of a new kind of high-quality polyamide silk. Gabor is characterized by the highest level of abrasion resistance and very low elongation which combine together to guarantee strong and neat seams.

Perfect for leather and imitation leather products, sewing ornamental seams, furniture and fancy leather products.

These threads are designed for sewing shoes and leather products.

These threads are ideal for furniture and car upholstery. These threads are also suitable for sewing heavy technical products and for decorative and ornamental seams.

A name of a thread Thread structure Breaking force no less than Recommended nedles Applications Beams Number of pcs in a pack
Gabor 60 235 dtex x 2
47 tex
 2500 cN 100-110 For sewing articles from thin leather eg. fancy leather products, jackets, furs, sportwear, workers’clothes and upholstery. 200m
Gabor 40 235 dtex x 3
70,5 tex
4500 cN 100-130 For sewing heavier materials and ornamental seams in leather and imitation leather products. 1000m

*Attention! Depending on your monitor settings, color may be slightly different from the actual.