Industrial threads - MARS

Mars is a thread made of extra-strength continuous polyester fibres. Mars has very high resistance to abrasion and the impact of external factors (water, dust, oils) by using a special type of chemical finish.

The nice, eye-catching shine makes the seam very elegant and attractive.
Recommended for sewing shoes, fancy leather goods, ornamental seams in leather and imitation leather products. It is also used for car-seat upholstery and padding.

Perfect for sewing heavy technical and ornamental seams.

The wide range of threads and thicknesses will fulfill the needs of every industry.

Check below for more information on the thread of your choice.

A name of a thread Thread structure Breaking force no less than Recommended nedles Applications Beams Number of pcs in a pack
Mars 180 74 dtex x2
15 tex
950 cN 70-75 For hemming fabrics, quilting fabrics and mattresses. 5000m 10
Mars 120 74 dtex x3
22 tex
1200 cN 75-80 For sewing lingerie, clothing, quilting, hemming woven and knitted fabrics. 6000m 10
Mars 80
Mars 60 150 dtex x 3
45 tex
2500 cN 90-150 For sewing elegant leather, imitation leather fabrics and shoes with technically sophisticated seams 1500m
Mars 60N 278 dtex x 2
3500 cN 100-120 For sewing light leather and textile shoes. It is perfect for mattresses, sleeping – bags, couted fabrics and for leather and imitation leather. It is also recommended as a basic thread for upholstery 1000m
Mars 40 278 dtex x 3
5200 cN 140-160 For sewing thick materials like tarpaulins, canvas or others like (upholstery fabrics, couted fabrics, felt ) and also leather or imitation leather products. 1000m
Mars 40N 226 dtex x 3
4200 cN 100-120 For sewing leather or imitation leather products and shoes. 1000m
Mars 20 455 dtex x 3
8500 cN 140-160 For sewing heavy technical fabrics, tarpaulin 1000m 10
Mars 15
660 dtex x 3
12000cN 120-140 For sewing heavy technical fabrics, tarpaulins. 1000m 4
Mars 10 830 dtex x 3
15100 cN 180-200 For sewing ornamental seams, seat belts. 1000m 4

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