Industrial threads - POLICO

POLICO is a functional polyester core thread with a cotton braid. Polico is a sewing thread with a versatile application. The perfect combination of a polyester core and a cotton braid makes Polico highly efficient in the sewing process and creates a perfect quality of seams. It is used  whenever seams need to comply with the highest durability and aesthetics norms. A wide range of beams and thicknesses will meet the needs of any business branch.

At a customers request, Polico thread can have the following types of finish:

  • Polico HFB (hydrophobic and damp-proof)
  • Polico HFT (embroidered)
  • Polico HGP (hygroscopic and absorbable)
  • Polico OFB (oleophobic and anti-dirt)
  • Polico ANTSC (antistatic)
A name of a thread Thread structure Tex Breaking force no less than Recommended nedles Applications Beams Number of pcs in a pack
Polico 120 130dtex x 2 26 1050cN 80-90 For  sewing light  men’s and woman’s clothes, underwear  and  bed linen. 5000 10
Polico 80 200dtex x 2 40 1750cN 80-100 For sewing men’s and ladies clothes,  workers’ clothes, leather articles, jeans 5000 8
Polico 60 200dtex x 3 60 2600cN 90-110 For sewing light leather  articles, heavy clothes, jeans, shoes and home footwear. 5000 6
Polico 40 370dtex x 2 74 3700cN 120-140 For sewing upholstery, jeans, canvas and coated fabrics. 5000 5
Polico 36 280dtex x 3 84 3700cN 140-160 For sewing upholstery, jeans, canvas and coated fabrics. 5000 4
Polico 20 370dtex x 3 111 5950cN 140-160 Black and dark green 3000 4