We provide services for dyeing yarns (yarns):

  • polyester
  • polyester mixed with cotton,
  • polyamide,
  • cotton.

We conduct the yarn dying according  to our colour card. To meet customer expectations, the laboratory we can match the colour of a thread to the sample supplied to us by the client.
For dying we use environmentally friendly chemicals. Colored products meet the requirements of the Eco-Tex Standard 100.
At a customers request, thread or yarn can have special types of finish, for example:
hydrophobic, oleophobic, antistatic, etc.


With our device, we can stabilize any kind of yarn. The operating conditions are determined individually. The maximum temperature stabilization is 135 °C.


By the doubling-twisting devices  we can get any number of twists. The operating conditions are determined individually. We also provide technical assistance in this range.


At a customers request we winding thread (yarn)on different size beams.